The halls of a Wolfholt prison

Wolfholt Prison is a prison for humans or metahumans that the police themselves are able to control. All level 1 threat villains or vilgilante's can find their way here if captured by a police unit, hero, or anti-hero. Wolfholt prison facilities can be located all around the U.S due to Wolfholt Industries. For your first offense, your character will be deemed inactive (non-playable) for 1 day. Your second offense will get you 2 days, while your third will get you locked up for 3 days. However this area is playable for prisoners, allowing you to rp here.

Current Prisoners

  • Prisoner 1
  • Prisoner 2
  • Prisoner 3
  • Prisoner 4
  • Prisoner 5
  • Prisoner 6
  • Prisoner 7
  • Prisoner 8
  • Prisoner 9
  • Prisoner 10

RP Zone



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