The Royal Palace Hotel is one of the most critically acclaimed and praised hotels across the nation. Located in United Republic, New York, the hotel has recieved 5 stars due to its luxurious suits, fine service, and plethora of enthralling activities. Your character(s) may stay here if they are invited with reservations or pay to acquire a room.

RP Zone

1st Floor (Lobby)

It was turning midnight as Kelly and Caleb would languidly walk into the hotel with their bags as they walked to the front desk. There they would approach a fresh faced young would with maple brunette hair that stopped at her shoulders. "What can I do for you two gentlemen?", she gaily asked.

"We're here to get a room if any are available", Kelly says to the woman as he leans over the counter.

"Of course", the receptionist would cheerfully say as she would grab a key on the board behind her. "How long do you plan to stay?", she ask.

"Two days is fine", Kelly would say as he pulls some money out his wallet to pay for the room.

"Thank you", the receptionist would say as she kindfully takes the money from Kelly and hands over the key.

As they would gather their things and turn around a boy would bump into them causing them to drop their belongings.

"I'm so sorry", the boy would say as he bent down to pick up a suitcase. "I didn't mean to bump into you like that", he would say as he hands Kelly his bag.

"It's ok", Kelly would say. "Are you here for the parade tomorrow?", Kelly ask.

The boy before them would stand just as tall as Kelly as he appeared african american sporting a low cut. Appearing around tye same age as the two, he wore a red polo with blue jeans as well. "Of course man, who isn't?", he would say with a smile. "I'm Bernard by the way", he would say as he held out his hand for them to shake.

"Kelly, and this is Caleb", Kelly would say as he would shake Bernard's hand.

"Again, sorry for bumping into you like that; my mom needed me to get some more towels for my brothers", Bernard would sheepishly say.

"It's all good", Caleb says as he chimes in. "Maybe we'll see you at the parade tomorrow", he says.

"Looking forward to it", Bernard says as he begins to walk towards the counter. "Later guys", he would say as he walked off.

"Seeya", Kelly would say as he waved the boy off. "Alright lets head to our room", Kelly would say as they headed for the elevator.

2nd Floor

Room 1

Room 27

Room 69
As Travis towards his room, he couldn't keep himself laughing at how ironic it was he got the 69th room. He felt like it was an achievement of some sort. He did wonder if Zander would be mad at him later, but forgot all about it when he stood infront of the door. Saving the moment, Travis opened the door and stepped inside, only to find his suite trashed. His happy and excited side was quickly overtaken with anger, running into the room and shouting "WHO THE FUCK TRASHED MY ROOM!?!"

Just as Travis yells in anger, what seemed like young man around 2 feet taller than the young vigilante waked out of the bathroom, wearing a red robe and a a toothbrush in his mouth. He turned towards Travis, and eyebrow raised at the young boy."What are you doing in here?" He asks nonchalantly as if he is supposed to be there.

In the mists of a mental breakdown, Travis turned slowly to look at the culprit, his eyes bloodshot red from anger. "You! What are YOU doing in MY room?!" Travis looked the young vigilante from head to toe, noticing the robe. "That...that's suppose to be my robe! And my Toothbrush!! Who the fuck are you?!" Travis was clearly pissed, but not enough to fight yet.

The man just looked at Travis."I was here first though. This is my room." He turns around and began walking to the bed, not even bothering to explain to Travis what was going on.

"No, this is my room!" Travis said, speeding past the man and landing on the bed. "And this is my bed. You may have gotten here first, but I have the keys to the room." Travis said, refraining from showing off said keys.

The boy looked at Travis, an annoyed look in his eye as he went over the nightstand and lifted keys to the room up to show Travis."See? Mine." He says moving towards his suitcase towards the bed. He didnt bother to look at the young vigilante, just pulling out some clothes.

Travis red eyes soon faded as he saw the keys, jumping to his feet from the bed and showing his keys. "And here are my keys. Why would they give me keys to a room that was already taken?" Travis sat down on the bed and gave it some thought, leaving the keys on his knee.

The man looked at him."The rooms should be almost empty by now. This place is full of metas and mutants." He says getting his clothes prepared before going into the bathroom. He changed surprisingly fast, putting on a pull over a orange pull over hoodie/shirt with black jeans."I doubt you will be able to find somewhere to stay in such short notice so you might as well make due." He says still keeping his rugged and slightly lazy toned voice.

Travis looked up as the man talked, losing his train of thought when he saw the man change into jeans and a hoodie. "So this place has a bunch of metahumans and mutants? Cool." Travis stood up, walking over to man he did not know the name of. "Sorry about losing my cool before. The name is Travis, what's yours?" He asked, offering a handshake.

The man looked at her hand and grabbed it,putting a lot more extra force than was actually necessary, with enough grip that one knows this guys just isnt your average joe, but yet it didn't seem like he was trying. He nods and doesn't answer Travis when he asks for a name, turning around and beginning to walk out of the room.

Travis was slightly taken back by the sudden strength of the handshake, but reacted just as quick to apply force similar to it without flexing. If this had been his left hand, Travis wouldn't be able to apply such power. When the handshake finally broke, Travis left his hand, unscratched and unharmed from the handshake, there for a moment, bringing close to his face. He showed no emotion as he seemed to be focused on it, finally speaking when he noticed the man heading to the door. "From not answering my question, I'm guessing you don't have a name. Why not name yourself now?" Travis asked, thinking up something as he thought of a good name for the man. "Curtis is a name that comes to mind, or maybe Melvin would fit for ya. I'm just spitballing here." Travis suggested harmlessly, not wanting to offend the poor guy.

He shrugged."I like Curtis I guess. Curt Is okay." He stops at the door and hesitates as if he felt something were wrong."Duck." He says casually as a brick smashes through the window their room,easily missing Travis but smashing square into Curt. Outside, a great group of people can be seen downstairs protesting the arrival of the Meta-humans and other superpowered humans alike. Theh had signs and were screaming quite loudly."Uhh people, what a pain."

"Wha-WHOA!" Travis shouted, sidestepping the brick and watching it smash into Curt. Travis didn't worry about Curt, only turning around to look out of the window to see what was going on.  Once there, Travis was greeted with a brick to the face, falling back yelling in the sudden pain "Son of a bitch! That hurt like a--all better" Travis said, standing up and looking out the window as if he hadn't learned his lesson the first time. "Hey! Stop throwing bricks up here! One of them hit me in the face!" Travis said, rubbing his nose. He was perfectly fine, but the adalsity of getting hit did piss him off a bit. When one of the protesters spotted him, they shouted "Look! Its the guy from the news who destroyed part of Paradise City! He must be here to destroy United Republic too!" Travis shouted back "Hey! I didn't destroy part of Paradise City, I was trying to protect it you douche!" Travis said, moving out of the window and walking towards the door "I'm gonna go give that guy a piece of my mind. No way am I gotta let him get away with accusing me of destroying Paradise City."

Curt grabbed Travis' arm and shook his head."Better not do that. Giving them more reason to hate you." He tells Travis wisely before sighing and flipping his red blonde hair. He turns around as they fling more things at them. He makes sure not to point to the point where they can see it from ground floor but he extends his arm outward,causing his thumb and pointing finger to come together."Cover your ears." He says before snapping. For a split second what seems like the sounds of his snapping fingers echoing throughout filled the air with what felt like electricity before fire ruptured throught the open space from his finger tips, sending a wave of fire like none could describe,  out of the window. He did not intend to hurt the crowd, just to scare them off, which most of them were. Alot of the crowd ran away in fear while the rest stayed and continued to protest."That shoukd take care of majority." He says not even fatigued by his display.

Travis really did feel like going outside and giving the protesters a piece of his mind, but listened to Curt and stayed in the room, even covering his ears as Curt asked him too. Watching his use of his power shocked Travis, impressed with his use of eletricity in the air and fire. "Holy shit dude, awesome work!" Travis peaked his head out and watched the people run away, pulling his head back inside and sitting on the bed. "That was pretty damn cool Curt. Nice job." Travis said, not sure which one of them was gonna get the room. "So, are you leaving or do you want the room?" He wasn't entirely sure what Curt's plan was now that they seemed to be on better terms than before.

Curt nodded."Those people were a nuisance. They hit me with a brick." He says nonchalantly, others would think what he said was funny and even laugh at themselves but he was serious, while it didnt hurt much, he still didnt like getting hit in the back with a brick. He picked up the brick and held it oit for Travis to read.'Get out of our city!' It said. He sighed and sat."I dont think its safe for anyone here. They probably dont have any rooms left so I will sleep on the floor." He tells Travis, content with that.

"If that's alright with you man, then okay." Travis laid down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling, listening to the protesters shout about how metahumans don't belong. "One day, I'mma change humanity's mindset on metahumans and mutants for the better, no matter what. I'll create a change where metahumans, mutants, and humans are all accepted no matter how strong or weak the other might be. I have to..." He thought outloud, closing his eyes to meditate.

Curt's back was against the end of the bed, listing to Travis' speech. He didnt have much to say really besides openimg his mouth and telling him,"Change will come. It has to." He tells him."For the survival of humanity."

Travis was barely paying any attention to what Curt was saying, too busy remembering how people yelled and screamed at him for what happened nearly 17 years ago. He wasn't frustrated with the people, more understanding than anything else. "I can't blame the people downstairs for protesting against metahumans or mutants because they're afraid of what bad metahumans or mutants are capable of, and don't understand why good metahumans or mutants would try to protect them. I have no problem with that, but I refuse to be put in the same category as normal metahumans." Travis clenched his fists without opening his eyes, clearly irriated even if it didn't show on his face.

"What should it matter?"He tells Travis bluntly, a powerful strain in his voice

Travis opened an eye and looked at Curt, before closing it again. "I don't consider myself a metahuman, but a step above metahumans. Where metahumans carry the biological variant known as the X gene, I carry a 3 genes plus the X gene. These gene's make up a very special chromosome inside my DNA, which is quickly replacing my normal chromosomes the older I become. However, when I was born the chromosome was only the X gene, which is why I am considered a metahuman, but I don't think of it that way." Travis said, hoping he wasning boring his company.

Curt shrugged."Everyone is the same to me." He says really not caring mich about Travis' Transcended-ness. He was a Metahuman and thats all Curt really needed to know."Why should it matter to them wheather you are good or not? There are bad members of your race just as there are humans. They dont need to know why you help them just need to know that you are there to help. Do they ask a policeman why he does it his job? No, just be thankful that he is doing it. It doesnt matter whether you are Meta,Mutant,or what ever you are. Thr thing you all have in common is that YOU are human. You humans put too much effort in distancing yourself and putting labels on people, neglecting the simple fact that you are all the same in one way or another. Its time for your species to wake up before its too late, when you can no longee can argue about these things. Eventually someone is going to take advantage of your stupidity." He tells Travis once more, rather bluntly.

Travis opened his eyes and looked directly at Curt, listening to his words carefully. Travis looked away once he was finished, not saying anything until he sat up on the bed. "You're right about that Curt, 100%. No matter what powers we have, what race we might be, all of us are human. I'm gonna make sure to remember every word of what you said, but now I have a question." He placed his feet on the ground next to Curt, looking down at him on the side of the bed. "What are you exactly? You're definately not human based on that speech of yours, and now I'm curious to hear your awnser. Of course, there's nothing I can do to force you to awnser if you would rather not."

"I am-" He begins to talk but then he turns once more to the window.He stares for a moment and continues until his gaze is broken. He turns to the door. "Security gave way. They should be coming up now." He says casually to Travis.

"Well shit! Wait, you dodged the question!" Travis said, standing up and peaking his head out of the door then back at Curt. "I don't see anyone ye---" He stopped for a moment, looking down at the ground. Travis stepped back and closed the door, locking it. "Reminds me of The walking dead, even though I've never see that show. I should watch it sometime." Travis said outloud, sitting back down on the bed as i nothing was happening.

"Ugh bothersome humans are the worst." He says sighing and stuffing his hands in his pockets.He turns to the window and walls towards it.He sighs and looks up into the sky."200 years, nothing has changed." He says itching at his clothes. It was obvious he didn't like what he had on.

"200 years? Are you over 200 years old?" Travis asked, looking at Curt.

He itches at the clothes."How do you where these things." He says turning to Travis and then back to itching. The protesters from downstairs quickly made their way up,any security blocking their way was trampled.Curt turns around,scratching his neck and looking at the door."Close."

"Because they're comfortable to me. Then again, I am wearing a layer or two under this." Travis said, rubbing his chest. Travis could hear them downstairs, but payed them little mind. "I hope they don't try to kick doors down or anything. A lot of people are gonna be sued that way." Travis said, ignoring the fact Curt dodged his question again.

"This is going to give me a rash." He says as he looks towards the door."You can sue them but it doesn't mean it'll get better. I am sure they have people high up who support their cause." He says as the door knobs moved from the outside.

"Yeah you're probably right" Travis said, getting off the bed and opening the window. "It's been good meeting you Curt, but it looks like the parade is starting now. I'll catch you later." Travis looked out the window for a moment and then jumped out, shouting "WEEEEEE" as he landed rather gently on the ground, walking towards where he could hear a majority of the population gathering.

Room 85

3rd Floor

Room 101

Room 115

Room 126

Room 145

4th Floor

Room 194

Room 213

Room 245

Room 275