O.P.T.I.M.U.S Space Facility

O.P.T.I.M.U.S (O​pressive. Prisonal. Treatment. Initially. Made. Undermining​. S​uperhumans) Space Facility is a level 3 maximum security prison for all criminally insane and dangerous metahumans. All level 3 threat villains or vilgilante's can find their way here if captured by a police unit, hero, or anti-hero whether human or metahuman. Most planet dangering threats can be found here as they are to dangerous for both Wolfholt and Blackfield. If your character(s) happen to be transferred to this prison facility they will be deemed inactive (non-playable off this page) for 5 days for their first offense. Their second offense will get them a week's stay, while their third or higher offense will get them 9 days locked up. This area is playable for prisoners, allowing you to RP here in your cells.

Current Inmates

  • Ko'lasi
  • Inmate 2
  • Inmate 3
  • Inmate 4
  • Inmate 5
  • Inmate 6
  • Inmate 7
  • Inmate 8
  • Inmate 9
  • Inmate 10
  • Inmate 11
  • Inmate 12
  • Inmate 13
  • Inmate 14
  • Inmate 15

RP Zone

A ship would rocket through the Earth's atmosphere as it made it's way to the emptiness of space. As it would launch itself through this vaccuum, it minimized it's distance from the gigantic facility that instilled fear into the most fearless criminals - O.P.T.I.M.U.S. The tremendous infrastructure's hull would gradually open as the ship drew nearer, before it would make it's way into the belly of the beast. As the ship would land, the facility would close it's hatch behind them before a gentlemen would hop out of the passenger side.

"I don't believe we opened up our schedule for visiting hours", Christine Mercer would say as she walked to the landing strip. "Not even for a old friend?", the man would ask.

The man sported a black suit and tie

Cell Block A

Cell 1A

Cell 2A

Cell 3A

Cell Block B

Cell 1B

Cell 2B

Cell 3B

Cell Block C

Cell 1C

Cell 2C

Cell 3C

Cell Block D

Cell 1D

Cell 2D

Cell 3D

Cell Block E

Cell 1E

Cell 2E

Cell 3E

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