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The City of Newhaven Orphanage

The City of Newhaven Orphanage or simply known as the Newhaven Orphanage is a old orphanage in Newhaven built more than 100 years ago. This building may be old, but is reliable due to the fact they it has been housing orphans and children without a home for more than a century. This page is property of Apex Knight and you may roleplay here with permission from myself.

RP Zone

Prompted up on the bed in his room, a caucasian boy with unkempt hair was reading a letter while devouring a chicken leg. "Holy crap, I've been invited to the United Republic for a celebration in my honor!", he squeals as he kips up on the bed and continues reading. "Dear Wolf Boy, we're happy to announce that you've been invited to a day of celebration in honor of the heroic deeds of you and your fellow metahumans", the boy reads. "I don't even have to kerp reading, I'm so there!", he says as he jumps up and opens his messy closet, ravaging through it before finding a bookbag.

"Caleb, it's time for dinner", a voice at the door knocks, instantly alerting Caleb

"United Republic can wait", Caleb says as he drops everything and runs to get a quick meal.

Thirty minutes later, Caleb would return with a handful of food from the fridge, stuffing it all into his backpack. "Just gonna need a few snacks on the long trip", he says as he stuffs an entire ham into his bag.

Putting his backpack on, Caleb would open his room window, ready for this big adventure. "United Republic here I come", he says as he jumps out all the way from his third story window. Landing hard and forceful, yet skillful, Caleb would begin to run through the woods before coming to a abrupt halt. "Where is the United Republic?", he ask himself scratching his head. "Hmmmm, I'm pretty sure I can get some directions from the docks", he says as he begins to run toward his destination.