Ironbrook City lies near the largest iron reserve in the east United States and is known for its sprawling industrial district and many refineries. With the rise of outsourcing, and a violent earthquake which hit in 2003, large sections of Ironbrook have gone abandoned, due to the lack of jobs, and poor condition of the city, but the decades old pollution still clogs the air, of its nearly 2.5 million residents. Ironbrook City is also home of the notorius illicit fighting venue; The Cage.

RP Zone

Algernon Black sat on a park bench, one leg resting by its ankle, on the knee of the other. He whistled softly, while cleaning his fingernails.

A masculen figure in a brown trench coat and black baseball cap sits next to Algernon Black. He places his katanas in between them.

Algernon turns his head to the stranger, with a smile. "Good evening."

"Good evening, Mr. Black. It is quite a good evening." The figure sits completely still, and shows no sign of how he spoke, the voice seeming to come from everywhere at once.

"I'm glad you could make it." Algernon said turning his head back, facing forward. "I was discussing forming an orginization of like-minded individuals, with a mutual friend, and he suggested that you might be interested." He explained calmly. "From what I've heard of you, I think I could use a man of your skill as an ally."

A woman hurredly pushing a stroller passes by them, accidently nocking over the very precious katanas. She and the stroller seem to disapear. A moment later, the ground is littlered with bones and blood. The stranger picks up the katanas. "I want things to be complete. Without completion, nothing is of value." The katanas fly out of their sheaths and begin to cut the heads off of every pedestrian around the park bench. "Therefore, I accept the offer on on condition: I get enough money to buy more katanas." The katanas return with dents and scrapes, even crooks and breaks in them.

Drops of blood speckle on Algernon's cheek, as his eyes widen, then his face lights up with a smile and a brief giggle. Algernon rises, and holds his hand out to shake his. "In good time, my friend. In good time."

The stranger stands, and takes the hand with a silver metal one. "The name is Yuudai. And I want to see this world burn... You seem my best choice at the moment." He turns to walk away. "Thank you, Algernon." He walks into the darkness, all the lamps shattered.

In the darkness Algernon's chuckle could be heard briefly, before the darkness quite litterally swallowed him up, with a deep gutteral bubbling, leaving the park devoid of all life.

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