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Hall of Heroes "Mini world"

The Hall of Heroes is a Training, RP, and Battle location. Occompanied here are the world's greatest heroes who align their powers together to create a World Wide Association of Universal Superheroes. The Hall is made up of a total of 10 buildings each for its own different purpose. The Hall serves more as a tourist attraction and a place for Villains to direct their attention to conceal the real meeting place of the greatest heroes ever known. The Hall is restricted to most, as only a chosen few are even let inside most of the buildings. The only building open to public is the Trophey building, and the Literal Hall of Heroes where they have statues of the greatest heroes to ever live and those who had fallen in battle fighting for the greater good. Heroes can live and train here if they so choose. Once inside any of the buildings, all of them are magically connected and lead into a sort of "Mini World" inside of the buildings, causing it to have its own sky, vegetation, and weather along with limitless developing potential.

To Enter the Hall of Heroes you must have defeated a major Villain in an arc along with being the rank of "Hero".

Training Building

  • Training Slot 1
  • Training Slot 2
  • Training Slot 3
  • Training Slot 4
  • Training Slot 5
  • Training Slot 6 
  • Training Slot 7
  • Training Slot 8
  • Training Slot 9
  • Training Slot 10
  • Training Slot 11
  • Training Slot 12
  • Training Slot 13
  • Training Slot 14
  • Training Slot 15
  • Training Slot 16


  • Battle Slot 1
  • Battle Slot 2
  • Battle Slot 3
  • Battle Slot 4
  • Battle Slot 5
  • Battle Slot 6
  • Battle Slot 7
  • Battle Slot 8
  • Battle Slot 9
  • Battle Slot 10
  • Battle Slot 11
  • Battle Slot 12
  • Battle Slot 13
  • Battle Slot 14
  • Battle Slot 15
  • Battle Slot 16

​Mission Appliance Center

RP Area