Where We've Been, Where Should We Go?

So what is the plan for HU? I believe there has been talk of a HU 1970 story as well as an HU 2012 story. I'm not particularly fond of this, as I have my own potentially unpopular thoughts on how we should handle the story aspect of Heroes United, but if the majority is already happy with the current plan of action then I can simply go along with things.

Another thing I would like to ask is in regards to the novella I wanted to take a crack at. Basically I have questions as to what this community would like to see in an HU story. Basically I plan to take the general idea of the initial Elias and Ian partnership and expand it into a story that shows a grittier and less glorified side of the superhero concept, using these unique anti-heroes to do so. I am making some minor adaptations as compared with the current lore in this wiki. One example would be that it will take place in the near future, probably 2019 or so. So what are the dos and don'ts?

That's about all I wanted to ask. I know we all discuss much utilizing kik, but personally if we are going to get back to this wiki and try to make it something great, we need to stop relying to heavily on kik and come home.