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Celeste Nyx
• 8/10/2015

What superpowers would you like to see?

As most of you may know, the Superpower Guidelines are currently being revamped to fit into the new system. I believe this would be the perfect time to introduce some new powers and abilities. So my question to you guys is, what powers would you like to see here on HU?

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Celeste Nyx
• 8/10/2015

I don't see Light Manipulation on there (light as in radiation, not making things lighter).

Speaking of making things lighter, maybe density manipulation.

Something related to souls.

Psychic powers.

Technology manipulation.

Fundamental force manipulation (ex. gravity, electromagnetism, strong/weak nuclear forces). Not sure how to represent nuclear forces as superpowers though.

On an unrelated note, "crystal" does not mean "gemstone." I understand that this is a superpower wiki, but other examples of common crystals are things like silicon chips used in computers. Crystal manipulation could theoretically be used to manipulate electronics. Additionally, diamond is actually fairly brittle and shatters easily - it would make poor armor. However, another form of carbon-based crystal that would make extremely good armor is graphene - which is not only stronger than diamond, but harder and lighter, too.

Additionally, quintessence is unrelated to electricity. "Quintessence" means either being a perfect example, being an intrinsic component, or being a refined essence/extract. In classical elements, it was thought that the heavens were also made of a 'fifth' element known as quintessence.

Finally, it would be advisable to state whether or not the bonuses from each level replace or stack with previous bonuses. For example, does someone with Infinite Speed have a total of +120 Speed, +15% to hit and dodge, or do they have +260 Speed, +30% to hit and dodge?

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