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Apex Knight
• 2/23/2015

Missions Board

Finally, the missions are available at HU! 

Missions will be a very important element of HU that will revolve around saga's, individuals, battles. The new mission system will allow for your characters to voluntarily complete desired task in order to meet or achieve a certain objective. Rewards are also given to those who complete a mission.

There are hundreds of different missions for your character(s) to partake in, with every mission being different or being assigned by a person or organization. On most days missions will be random acts that may pertain to your alignment, such as saving a group of hostages or assassinating a political figure. However when this isn't the case, missions will sometimes connect to upcoming or contemporary sagas that will progress the story.

Please note that missions are pass or fail, meaning that a mission or saga will progress even if your characters don't meet the recommended requirements. Missions are also completely optional 95% of the time among characters while saga based missions may be mandatory.

Missions will also be posted in sets. A set of missions is a self-contained set of connected missions that typically must be completed in order.

Missions are posted in the following format:

  • Name of Set: The name of the mission set will be a heading.
  • Alignment: Which side of the law the mission pertains to.
  • Description: A brief description of what to expect.
  • Location: What area the mission is located in.
  • Difficulty: Naturally, how difficult the set is going to be.
  • Set Reward: The reward for completing the mission set.

Missions will also be posted on pages while new missions will be highlighted here to make users aware of what's available.

Note: (When you are in a mission, you are unable to enter Training Slots, Work Slots, Mission Slots, or Battle Slots anywhere else on the wiki.)

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Apex Knight
• 2/24/2015

A new mission in Newhaven has been reported at Newhaven Police Department. Hurry and sign up!

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